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Friday, 30 November 2012

"French Fries Cutter 薯条刀"


Recently only I learned that crinkle fries are produce from this type wave cutter. All the while I thought only can be produce from machine. Never explore never know! I was assuming waffle fries is produced by batter thru mould.

Actual fact is they are from fresh potatoes.

"Borner V- Power Vegetable Slicer 蔬菜刨 "




I always cut my finger while slicing vegetable. Finally i decided to spend more money to get a more high tech slicer with higher safety feature. At least it can reduce my chance getting cut again and hopefully it can last for at least 5 or 10 years! Am I dreaming?

In fact I feel so excited after purchased this new toy...=)! I keep finding chances to utilize this new toy, yeah!

You may refer to my first trial to produce chopped carrot at here.

"Loh Mai Kai glutinous Rice糯米鸡"

First trial.......doesn't look satified yet....


"Homecook Bak Kuk Teh 肉骨茶"


I'm still hunting for satisfied herb combination, experiment in progress......

updated 23/10/2013:

earlier version:

"Air Fried Meat Spring Roll气炸肉卷"

这是我的家传肉卷。年年农历新年大团圆时,这道菜肴百吃不厌,而且总是很所欢迎。我们是用肉碎、虾肉、蒜头及葱头加其他调味料做成。 还有我们的肉卷是有蒸过的。蒸过的肉卷,如用不完,还能冷冻,下次要吃时才解冻,炸过即可。来到北方后,发现他们的肉卷和我们做法不一样。北方的肉卷是用肉条而不是肉碎。

This is recipies is inherited from my grandmom.Each reunion lunch during lunar new year,we never miss this dish. It always got very hot demand. For this spring roll, we are using minced pork meat, minced shrimps,onion,shallot and others flavoring and spice to make it. Then it will steam first before we fried it.The remaining stream roll can be keep in freezer for next time consumption.That's why we normally make quite a huge batches each time.When I move to the northern region, I realized that their fried spring roll is using meat strip rather than minced meat.The method is diferrent.

碎肉                  -500g 
碎虾仁             -150g
红萝卜       -1条(小或中形随个人喜好)(切碎)
蒜头及红葱头 -个10粒 (切碎)
苏打饼               -5 片(压碎成粉状) 
五香粉       - 1汤匙半
胡椒粉              - 1茶匙
蛋白                  -1 粒( 大粒的)
豆皮                  - 1-2 张
香蕉叶              - 足够放蒸盘就

1。 将碎肉,碎虾仁 ,红萝卜碎,蒜头及红葱头碎, 搅拌均匀。
2。 放入蛋白,苏打饼碎搅拌均匀。
3。 接着才放入所有的调味粉搅拌均匀,备用。
4。 在一个大菜板(砧板)打开豆皮,将碎肉馅料用汤匙舀在豆皮上,排
5。 下一步是把肉卷放在铺了香蕉叶的蒸盘上。记得豆皮切口要向下。
6。 重复相同步奏把所有馅料包好。
7。 排满肉卷的蒸盘可以先下锅蒸,大概蒸10分钟让肉卷熟即可。
8。 记得要待冷后才能拿来炸,炸至黄金色即可。
9。 如没炸完,可将蒸好的肉卷冷冻,下次在炸。


Minced Pork meat     -500g
Minced shrimps         -150g
Carrot                        - 1 small or medium size (chopped fine)
Garlic and Shallot     - 10 gloves( Chopped fine)
Square Soda biscuits - 5 pieces (grinded fine)
5 Spice powder          - 1.5 tbsp
Pepper powder           - 1 tsp
Egg White                  - from 1 large egg
Beancurd skin            - 1-2 pieces
Banana leave              - enough to cover the steamer traysalt and MSG for taste

1.  Mix well minced pork meat,shrimps, chopped carrot,garlic and shallot.
2.  Pour in egg white and grinded soda biscuit to the mixture, mix well.
3.  Then add in the rest of the flavoring and spice and mix until well combined.
      Set aside.
4.   On a large chopping board, open the beancurd skin, scoop in the spring roll   
      filling along the beancurd skin. Then roll the skin up and cut it once the
      filling is covered by the beancurd skin.
5.  Align the spring roll onto the streamer tray lined with the banana leave.
     Remember to face down the cutting portion of the beancurb skin.
6.  Repeat the above step until finish the filling.
7.  While the streamer tray already fill up with the spring roll, you may start to
      steam it first with low heat about 10 minutes until it is cooked.
8.  Leave the steamed spring roll cool first only can fried it.
9.  Finally, fried in until golden colour and serve it hot.
10. For those unfinished steamed spring roll, you can freezed it for next round.
      Just thaw it before fried.

Note: Fried Spring roll tasted well with Ayamas chili sauce.

"家常薄饼Homemade Popiah(Vegetable Spring Roll)"


This is the Popiah that we always have it at home. I will prepare this as our dinner once each weekly or bi-weekly. For popiah skin, I did try to make it few times but hubby complaint it is thicker than ready bought from wet market. I give up to continue trying it as the effort putting on this experiment not worth. As for the popiah cup, sometimes I will buy the ready make cup from wet market but it is very expensive. If not mistaken, it cost是 30 cents per cup. I still hunting for the best recipes for this popiah cup. Those in the picture still not my satified popiah cup. By the way, the effort to fry this cups are not less that the popish skin, that's the reason it is quite expensive. The only different is popish cup can keep in air-tight container for next round consumption but popiah skin can not. Never try to freeze the popiah skin, may be it worked, who know!!

Yambean /Jicama ( Sengkuang)  - 1 medium to large size
Carrot                                         - 1 ( size depend on preference)
Beancurd    ( taukua)                  - 1 piece ( Cut into small cube)
Garlic                                         - 5-6 cloves( chopped finely)
Shallot                                        -3-4 ( chopped finely)
Ready fried shallot crisps          - Optional
Shrimps                                      - 1/2 cup( removed shell, lightly chopped)
Minced Pork meat                      - 1/2 cup ( can replace by minced chicken meat too)
Lettuce leave                              - wash clean and drain dry
Popiah Skin                                - 100g -200g ( about 15 pieces but we never finish it)
Popiah Cup                                - ~20

Fresh Chili                                 - ~8
Garlic                                         - 4 cloves
sugar                                          - 1-2 tsp
Lime juice or Vinegar                 - 1-2 tsp
Sweet sauce( tee jiu)                  - bought the ready package from supermarket or wet market.

1.  Removed jicama and carrot skin, wash clean and drain dry. Then 
     shredded the them into thinly strips.
2. Heat the pan with 1 tbsp of oil and fried the garlic and shallot until fragrant
    and add in minced shrimps and pork meat. Removed the pan from heat
    once the meat are cooked.
3. Boil a liter of water in a suitable pot and put in all the fried ingredients to
    cook until boiled. Turn the to low heat and continue to cook unitl the
    jicama and carrot are soft. It took about 1-1.5 hours for typical pot and ~5
    minutes for pressure cooker.

Method for chili sauce:
1. Wash clean and drain dry the chili, then remove its center and seeds. Cut
    them into short strips.
2. Removed the garlic skin and cut them into smaller cube.
3. Blend both chili and garlic till fine. You may add in some 
    vinegar/lime juice when to make the process smoother.
4. Add in sugar and vinegar/lime juice and ready to serve.

沙葛    - 1粒中或大粒的
红萝卜   - 1条(大或小随个人喜好)
豆干    - 1片(切成1公分小方型)
蒜头    - 5-6片(切碎)
小葱头   - 3-4粒
现成油葱  - 随喜
虾肉    - 半杯(弃壳,切小但不碎)
碎肉    - 半杯 (可用碎鸡肉替代)
生菜    - 一两棵,洗净滤干
薄饼皮   - 大慨15片
小金杯   - ~20个

鲜红椒   - ~8条
蒜头    - 4片
糖     - 少许
酸柑汁/白醋- 1-2茶匙/1-2茶匙
甜酱    - 买现成即可


3。将鲜红椒和蒜头磨碎( 可加点酸柑汁/白醋)。
4。加入糖和 酸柑汁即可。

"Homemade Oil Spray 自制油喷"

This is very good to be used when cooking raw food in air fryer. Economic and healthy!


Spray bottle



Just mix half bottle of oil with half bottle of water and shake well before use.




Wednesday, 28 November 2012

"2 flavour Swiss Roll 两种口味的瑞士卷"

One stone shoot 2 birds, I make half of the swiss roll with black sesame filling and another half with chocolate rice cream filling. Half for me and and half for my girl.



材料 A:
77g 蛋黄 ( 4 粒A蛋的蛋黄)
19g 细糖
38g 菜油  ( 40ml )
38g 鲜奶    (   45ml )
77g 特幼面粉

材料 B:
150g 蛋白  ( 4 粒A蛋的蛋白)
70g 细糖
1/4 塔塔粉

1。将所有材料 A放入搅拌碗内搅拌均匀,待用。
2。用搅拌器以慢速度开始将蛋白打至乳白色, 加入塔塔粉,换成中
3。再将蛋白霜分3次加入材料 A的搅拌碗里,搅拌均匀。
      了10 分钟。才将蛋糕那出,放在烤架上待冷。


馅料 1:

馅料 2:
黑芝麻  - 4 汤匙
核桃      - 大慨20粒
细糖      - 2 汤匙(随个人甜度喜好)
奶油      - 适量

1。 以150度烤香黑芝麻和核桃,然后把它们磨幼,加糖搅拌均匀。
2。 再将奶油慢慢的加入,搅至有点濕性,能够涂在蛋糕上即可。

Ingredients for Cake:

Ingredients A:
77g egg yolks ( from 4 A size eggs)
19g fine/caster sugar
38g vegetable oil  ( 40ml )
38g fresh milk    (   45ml )
77g superfine flour

Ingredients B:
150g egg white  ( from 4 A size eggs)
70g fine/caster sugar
1/4 tartar powder

1. Mix all ingredients A well and set aside.
2. Beat the egg white from low speed until it turn into white form, then add in
    tartar powder and continue to beat it. Once soft peak formed, add in sugar
    and beat until stiff peak formed, then stop beating it immediately.
3. Fold in the egg white into to ingredients A batter in 3 batches and fold well.
4. Pour the mixture into a greased baking tray. Lightly scrap the batter surface
    evenly and lightly bang the baking tray to remove bubble in the batter.
5. Put in the baking tray to the preheat oven and bake it in 180 degress
    celcious until it turn golden and cooked.  It took about 10 minutes to bake.
6. Immediately transfer the cake out from baking tray to wire rack and leave it

Note: I'm using 13 inch x 10 inch baking tray.

Filling 1 ingredients:
chocolate rice with non-dairy whipped cream

Filling 2 ingredients:
black sesame   - 4 tbsp
whole walnut  - about 20
sugar               - 2 tbsp ( you may add or reduce depending on your preference)
Whipped cream - enough to make the mixture lightly moist.

1. Roasted the Black sesame and walnut in oven using 150 degree celcious.
2. Grind both of them into fine form and add in sugar, Mix well.
3. Gradually add in the whipped cream and mix till the filling is spreadable.

“WMF Perfect Plus Pressure Cooker 气压锅"

This pressure cooker was bought during my confinement period from Singapore thru my brother. It cost me about SGD369.The reason trigger me to buy it is because all the food took so long to cook when preparing my confinement food. Another reason is after I go back to work, I need something to help me prepare our dinner fast. This cooker did help a a lot.


The set come with  6.5L and 3.0L pot sharing single pressure cooker head. But the set did come with another glass cover. It is basically 2 pots that you can switch thru and fro as pressure cooker or normal pot. The pots are made in Germany.

Below is the complete set that I got.
1. 6.5L and 3.0L pot
2. 1 cover with removable handle
3. WMF Glass Lid for 22 cm Perfect Plus Pressure Cooker
4. WMF Pressure Cooker Trivet and Perforated Insert, 22 cm
5. WMF Unperforated Insert for Pressure Cookers, 22 cm


1。 6.5公升及 3公升的锅

"苦瓜黄豆排骨汤 Bitter Gourd Pork Rib Soup"

This is one of my favorite soup. It doesn't taste bitter at all.

Chinese celery    - 1 stalk
Bitter Gourd       - half
Soya bean( Yellow bean)    - 10-20g
Pork Rib            -100g
pepercorn          - 1 tbsp
Water                - 1 liter( this quantity is for pressure cooker)

1. Remove the center seed and white pulp of the bitter guard using a spoon. Cut the bitter gourd into
    stick shape and rub them with some salt to reduce it bitterness. Set aside.
2. Boil a small pot of water and blanch and rinse the pork rib to avoid scum on the soup surface later.
3. Rinse the celery and soya bean with the water to clean them, then drain them dry.
4. Cut the celery into about 1cm length.
5. Rinse and drain the bitter guard.
6. Then, boil the water in pot and put in the pork rib, soya bean, peppercorn and the bitter guard.
7. As I'm using pressure cooker, I only need to cook it for 8-10 minutes. You may cook about 1 1/2
    hours in lower heat is using normal pot.
8. Put in the celery only after the soup is cooked and you take it out from the stove.

芹菜   - 1 棵
苦瓜   - 半条
黄豆   - 10-20g
排骨   - 100g
胡椒粒  - 1 大匙
水          - 1 公升 ( 这是给气压锅的份量)

1。 先用汤匙弃除苦瓜中心的种子和白肉,再将它切成条状。然后撒些盐在苦瓜条里,轻轻
2。 在一个小锅里煮半锅水, 待水沸后放入排骨川烫,再过冷水,备用。
3。 芹菜和黄豆洗净,滤干,再将芹菜切成1公分长度,备用。
4。 接着,将苦瓜洗净,滤干。
5。 然后在较大的锅里煮开水,沸后放入所有材料,除了芹菜。待沸后转小火候。
6。 由于我是用气压锅,所以我只煮了10 分种就熄火了。普通锅就用小火煮大概1个小时
7。 煮好汤后才将芹菜放入锅中。

"Philip Air Fryer 气炸炉"

Bought this Fryer last year before maternity confinement in preparation to eat healthy during confinement period. But end up only used it after confinement as I dare not let my confinement aunty touch it. After she leave only I start to utilize it.
Bought it at Harvey Norman for about RM1199 with 2 years warranty and aditional RM 256 for another 3 years warranty. Being too kia su to have 5 years warranty on it. I have good experience with Harvey Norman on their warranty. Last few years, our Pioneer home theater DVD player not able to play majority of the CD, we sent it back to Harvey Norman and they did help us to sent for repair and the repair fee is under them as it is still under waranty.
Back to the topic. Generally this fryer is good for those ready food such as french fry, nutget, hash brown etc. In terms of raw food, homemade french fries, fried fish, and alot more still under experiment. Roasting nut also no problem. However, it do not give good result on wet batter, even wantan skin also I still can't get the good outcome. Need more experiments.

当初是为了在做月期间吃得健康而买下了这粒气炸炉。数数也有一年多了。结果做月期间完全没吃煎炸食物,也不敢让做月姨用它。她离开后 我才真正开始用它。

我是在Harvey Norman 用了1199令吉(2 年保证)加256令吉(3 年加保)买下。怕输的我要了5年保证,至少坏了也分文不须要出。之前曾在Harvey Norman 买Pioneer音响系统,它的DVD机坏了,拿回去叫他们修
言归正题,整体来说,这气炸炉炸现成冻食很有用。例如,薯条薯饼、nutget等。至于生的食物,好像自制薯条,煎鱼等等,我还在试验中。 烘坚果花生之类肯定没问题。但是,它不能炸湿面糊之类的食谱。就连云吞皮,我都还不曾炸出好成果,还要继续实验。

It is recomended to use spray oil to lightly coat the food before air fried it.  I made a homemade oil spray rather then buying it from supermarket. The reason is its consumption very low and those ready in supermarket is quite a big tin. You may refer to page Homemade Oil Spray 自制油喷 to try self made oil spray .

建议大家用油喷来炸食物,只要喷一喷食物表层就可。因为用得少,买现成大瓶装不实际,结果我自制了个油喷,你可参考Homemade Oil Spray 自制油喷自己试试看!

Friday, 16 November 2012

“Roti Jala( Net Crepes)”

Ingredients for Roti Jala ( To produce 20 Roti Jala):

2 cups of all purpose flour
2 eggs
3/4 cups of thick coconut milk
1 1/4 cups of skim milk
1 tsp of salt
1 tsp of tumeric powder
water (depend on the batter, if it can't flow thru the roti jala cup, add 1-2 tbsp each time)

Roti Jala cup
Flat pan ( I used 30cm diameter iron flat pan which only cost me RM10)

1.  Fold all ingredient in a mixing bowl and mix well and smooth.
2.  Then test the batter with the Roti Jala cup to check whether it can flow
     thru the hole or not. If the batter too thick, then add abit water and mix 
     thru until the batter can flow thru the cup easily.
3.  Heat the pan over low heat, then pour abit oil on top of the pan, then use  
     kitchen paper towel to wipe it on the entire pan.
4.  Place a small plate under the standing roti jala cup and scoop the batter
     into the roti jala cup until ~90% full. I'm using a measuring cup to pour the
     batter into the roti jala cup as I found this method is the easiest and faster 
     way to do the job.
5.  Transfer the small plate with the cup fill with batter to the pan and let the
     batter flow on the pan. My method to make the pattern is from outer
     circle slowly go into innest circle, then make small circle along the pan to
     overlap the previous big circle. I learn this from my office's cafe cook
     while waiting for my order last time.
6.  When the roti jala started to turn to pale yellow, fold half of it and transfer
     entire roti into the center of the pan. Within few seconds, turn this roti to
     another side for another few seconds and fold it into quarter to transfer
     out from pan to a plate.
7.  You may fold into whatever shape you prefer and it is ready to serve.

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

“Nutty Cookies 么果酥饼”

If you like multiple nuts cookies, I guess you will like this. It contains black currants,almond, hazelnut,walnuts and etc. It smell very good even during preparing the batter not to say during baking.

250g soft butter
150g caster sugar or fine sugar
200g plain rice krispies(also called rice bubbles)
100g chopped hazelnut
100g chopped almond or almond nibs
100g black currants
50g walnuts
100g milk powder
100g nestum
3 tbsp potato starch
1 egg

1. Beat butter and sugar until pale yellow and smooth.
2. Add in egg and mix until smooth and fluffy.
3. Add in the rest of the ingredients until well mix.
4. Lightly roll the batter into small ball and put inside a small paper cup.
5. Line them in the baking tray and bake in 150 degree celcius for about
   15-20 minutes or until it turn golden.
6. Let them cool before keep into the air tight container.

Thursday, 8 November 2012

“Kitty 猫酥饼 Hello Kitty Cookies”

This hello kitty cookies were made for my elder girl school last day party. She prefer me to make cookies this round instead of chocolate chip cup cake. I simply search a recipe from my cook book which look ok for this hello kitty cutter and try on it. First time using this recipe and it turn out very nice. The cookies very soft even though no eggs was added. I though it will be harder as it used rice flour and corn flour. Suprisingly it turn out so soft and tasted really good.  When using this hello kitty cutter, sometimes the ribbon will fall out when I turn the cookies out from the cutter. I need to make sure the cutter really coat by the flour on the ribbon part before I stamp it on the dough.

这hello kitty 小饼是为了我大女儿幼稚园最后一天庆祝会而做的。这次她选择要带小饼,而不是平时要的巧克力粒小蛋糕杯。我随意在我买的食谱找了个看似适合这类印模的饼干食谱试试,没想到成品很好吃,又好看可爱,真是不废之劳。这食谱没用鸡蛋,但却很松脆爽口,值得一试!我起初以为它会较硬,因为它用了粘米粉和黍粉。谁知出来的成品却刚好相反。用这hello kitty 印模时,它的缎带也有几次断掉。我每次都要确定它沾上少许面粉,才能印在面团上。


250g butter
90g icing sugar
180g all purpose flour( i used superfine flour instead)
100g rice flour
30g corn starch
100g ground almond

1. Beat the butter with the icing sugar until using high speed it turn pale
    yellow and smooth.
2. Fold in the rest of the ingredients until well mixed using stir speed. The
    dough are very soft.
3. Transfer the dough to the flat surface and roll it out about 2mm thick.
4. Then stamp the cutter and make sure it come out with
    the perfect shape as desired. Line them on the greased tray.
5. Pump the kitty eyes with the decorating pen filled with the chocolate or 
    nutalle to make to kitty look more attractive.
5. Bake in the preheat oven for 20-25 mins or turn slightly golden at 150
    degree celcius.
6. Leave it cool and keep in the air-tight container.

The challenge part on this cookies is the stamp out the flawless hello kitty.
1. Prepare a bowl with 2-3 tbsp of flour. Remember to dip the cutter
    especially the face part on the flour each time before used. Do shake out
    the excessive flour before stamp it to the  dough.
2. Use a large solid plastic bag to cover your flat surface before roll the
    dough. Then use a wrapping cling to cover the dough and roll on to of it.
    This give 2 steps give you 2 benefits. It help to reduce cleaning time on the
    table surface and also the roller. Another benefit is with the wrapping cling
    on top of the dough, it make your rolled surface smoother compare to
    without it and the dough do not stick on the roller.
3. Use the plastic knife to transfer the cut kitty to the baking tray.
4. You can replace ground almond with other ground nut,depend on your 

Same recipe with different idea....=) ...
Picture not sharp, my camera broken, using lower pixel phone camera, no choice!

“Sesame Swiss Roll 黑芝麻瑞士卷”

Another Recipe.....

4 eggs
110gram sugar
30ml milk
30ml oil
30g sesame powder
1/4 tsp baking powder
90gram self-rising flour sifted

1.      Mix both milk and oil together until well mixed and set aside.
2.      Put the eggs into the mixing bowl and start to beat with high speed.
3.      Beat egg until the volume of the mixture is increase,add in sugar and beat for another 30 seconds. Then change beating speed to medium and continue beat it until it is thick and creamy( stabilized). When egg mixture beaten into stanbilized stage, folding in the flour will cause less deflation.
4. Mix all the dried ingredients( baking powder,sesame powder and the flour) until well mix.
5.      After that, pour some egg mixture into the oil and milk mixture. Fold well. Then fold in the dry mixture on the until well mix.
6.      Once well folded, continue to fold in the egg mixture by 2 batches into the flour mixture.
7.      When ready, pour the final mixture into the baking tray which greased with the baking paper. I'm using 10 inch x 13 inch tray. Bake the cake in a preheat oven at 190C for about 10 minutes or until it is non sticky when test with the cake tester.
8. Transfer the cake to the wire rack and leave it to cool before spread the filling and roll it up.

1.      Do not over bake the cake, it will make it too dry and difficult to roll or crack during folding.
2.      Make sure the mixture is super fluffy as it make it easier to roll and tasted better too.
3.      And also make sure all air bubble are away during mixing.


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