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Tuesday, 30 July 2013


Dorayaki ...my elder daugther favourite food. We used to buy it at Jusco here but the stall no longer open anymore. I 'm still hunting for the best batter resipe for this......

Soft White Bread Rolls

White bread Loaf

 White Soft Bun

Sweet Bun (Variety flavour)

Single batch of sweet bread dough can shape into different type of bun!

Nuttelle Jam Twist Bun

Apple Jam Doggy Bun

Parmesan Ham Bun 

Luncheon Meat Bun

Minced Luncheon Meat Bun

Chocolate rice bun

Mozarella cheese ham bun

Curry chicken bun

Mini chocolate Cupcake

Moist Banana Cake

Banana cake in square tin and fan off avoid the cake erupt on the center of the cake!!

Thursday, 18 July 2013

Cuisinart Waffle Maker

Da dang....finally my new toy ,waffle maker arrive my house door step by air safely from US. =). It just took few days, I purchase it thru Amazon on Thursday night and it reach my house by Monday. Super good service. I'm so excited with it arrival.

I did reserved thru the web, found that Malaysia hardly find a good waffle maker. At the end decided to buy it from US and ship to here. It only cost me RM181 including shipment from US to Malaysia. Not too expensive right, for this product brand!

However, I miss calculate one thing. The device power, when I want to test the unit, read it power spec from the bottom of the device, gosh! it need 1000Watt. My existing step down transformer( which used for my US purchase kitchenAids mixer) only support up to 500Watt!

Bad move! Totally spoil my exciting mood! Need to spend money in order to use it. Struggle for 1 week, finally
decided to go ahead to buy another transformer, it required 1500W transfomer. Another cost to add on, RM260, really heart pain!

I'm still exploring the good Waffle recipes, will upload it once I found a good one!

You may refer to http://leemaykitchen.blogspot.com/2013/07/cuisinart-waffle-maker.html?m=1 for waffle made from this maker.

Mini Chocolate Tart 小巧克力塔

I bought the ready make mini tart cup from the store. It cost about RM13 for 40 cups. The chocolate ganache ingredient is pretty simple for this tart.


300g dark chocolate ( chop into smaller block)
100g whipping cream
colour chocolate rice for decoration


1. Heat the whipping cream with the dark chocolate under medium heat until
    chocolate melt well and smooth.
2. Leave the melt chocolate aside until it is thicken. You may either leave it
    overnight under room temperature or directly keep it in the fridge for few
    minutes( remember to keep checking on it to avoid it become harden.
3. The chocolate is ready for piping when it able to hold the shape. You may
    try it by scooping the chocolate and pour in circle on the melt chocolate
    surface. As long as it can stay the shape, meaning it is ready for piping.
4. Once ready, just pipe the chocolate into the tart. Sprinkle the colour
    chocolate rice to make it more attractive.
5. The tarts are ready to serve and the remaining can be stored in the fridge.


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