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Sunday, 3 May 2015

Bak Chang( Dumpling)

Max filling dumpling!!!!

Raw ingredients preparation:
1. Glutinous Rice
2. Mixture of Pork Belly Meat and Lean Meat
3. Dried Chinese Floral Mushroom
4. Dried Chestnuts
5. Braised Peanuts Cans
6. Salted Duck Egg Yolks
7. Dried Oyster
8. Peeled Mung Beans
9. Minced Garlic
10. Slice shallots
11. Bamboo leave for wrapping
12. Spices:
       a. 5 spices
       b. pepper
       c. oyster sauce
       d. dark soy source
       d. salt and MSG for taste

1. Soak all the dried ingredients. 
2. Marinated pork meat with dark soy source, 5 spices, salt and oyster source. 
3. Removed mushroom stalk, cut each of them into half or quarter. Then marinated them with oyster       source.
4. Clean and removed all cuticles on the soaked chestnuts.
5. Cooked each ingredients separately and leave it cold first before wrapping them.
6. Clean and drained dry the bamboo leave.

Cooked and get ready the ingredients:


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