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Thursday, 21 June 2012

"Nutty Butter Cake 么果牛油蛋糕"

 Recipe modified from Easycooking

Butter                 – 125 gm, softened
Caster sugar       – 240gm
Eggs                    – 3 (Grade A), at room temp
Plain flour           – 125gm

Self-raising flour – 100gm
Baking Powder    - 1/4 tsp ( optional -in case baking powder in self-rising flour not work)
Bicarbonate of soda – ¼ tsp
Milk                          – 125 ml at room temp

Mix nuts (sunflower seed, coarse walnut and Macadamia, black 
currents)                 -100gm
Almond flakes          - some for cake top decoration

 Cake Making Method1. Preheat oven to 180 C, 10 mins before baking.
2. Grease a deep 20 cm/8 inch rectangle cake tin,then line base

    with baking paper and grease the baking paper as well.
3. Beat ingredients in mixing bowl on low speed with electric mixer

    until just combined.
4. Beat on medium speed until mixture is smooth and changed to a

    paler colour.
5. Transfer the mixing bowl out from the mixer. Add in the mix nuts 
    and stir the batter gently. 
6. Pour mixture into prepared pan.
7. Bake cake in the preheated oven for 50-60 mins or until the

    skewer/cake tester inserted comes out clean.
8. Stand cake 5 minutes in the tin and transfer the cake out from the

    tin to the wire rack and leave it cool before cut it.


牛油      125gm
糖          240gm
蛋          3 粒 A级
普通面粉 125gm
自发面粉  100gm
发粉         1/4茶匙 ( 随喜,如自发面粉已存旧,最好放一点)
梳打粉      1/4茶匙
牛奶         125ml
么果(太阳花籽,核桃及夏威夷果压碎,黑加仑子) 100规模
杏仁片( 少许,足够盖蛋糕表层即可)

1。 烤蛋糕前10分钟,将烤炉预热180度。
2。 在一个20公分/8寸的长方型蛋糕烤盒涂上一层油,放上油纸,再
3。 将所有材料放入搅拌盆内, 用低速度在搅拌器搅拌均匀,再用中
4。 然后将搅拌盆拿出来。把么果放入,轻轻的搅拌面糊至均匀,再
5。 放入烤炉内烤50-60分钟或烤至蛋糕试探枝/小竹枝试探蛋糕出来
6。 将烤好的蛋糕从烤炉拿出来,待5分钟后脱膜,放在铁架上待冷后

"Stew Meatball with carrot and potato (bak steak) 焖肉"


9-10 Fried MeatBall
1 carrot cut into big cube
1 potato cut into same size as carrot cube
1/4 cinnamon stick
500ml water
2 tsp of corn flour mix with some water
salt and sugar for favoring
abit dark soy sauce for coloring

Preparation Method:
1.   Fried both carrot and potato cube until slightly brown.
2.   I'm using air fryer to fried them as it only required 1 teaspoon of oil to
      slightly coat them. Air Fryer took about 10-15 minutes to air fried them
      depending on your cube size.
3.   Boil the water and put in fried carrot, potato and the cinnamon stick.
4.   Cook till both carrot and potato become soft( can check using folk), then
      add in meatball, favoring anf dark soy sauce.
5.   Continue to cook in low heat until the meatball are soften, then add in 
      corn flour liquid to make the soup thicken.
6.   Remove it from stove and it is ready to serve.

Monday, 18 June 2012

"Air Fried Meatball 炸肉丸“

我很喜欢用这air fryer 煎或炸食物。只要煎炸出来的食物好吃,虽然没油炸的好吃,但是我因为很讨厌油腻的食物,也很讨厌煎炸后油腻的地上,所以我还是喜欢用它。以上的肉丸可直接吃, 或和红萝卜与马铃薯(也是用air fryer炸过) 一起焖煮,煮成焖肉

200g 碎肉
50g 碎虾

1。 将所有材料搅拌均匀,揉成~9-10粒小球。
2。 在每粒小球外层涂上薄薄的一层油,然后放入air fryer 以200度炸
         大概15 分钟或炸至小球外层变成黄金色即可。

注: 如没air fryer ,就用普通油炸至黄金色即可。
I like to use air fryer to fry any food as long as the result are good even though not as good as deep fry using oil directly. The main reason is I hate oily food and the second reason is my kitchen floor do not need to be mopped after frying those food. I'm satisfied with this fried meatball as it is not oilly. It can be eat directly or cook with carrot and potato( also fried using air fryer) to made stew meatball( my hubby called it Bak steak).

200g minced meat
50g minced prawn
salt,MSG and pepper for favoring
2tbsp bread crumb

1.  Mix all the ingredients together until even, then roll the meat batter into
     ~9-10 small ball.
2.  Lightly brush each meatball with oil and air fried them in the air fryer for
     15 minutes in 200 degree celcius or until the meatball turn into golden
      colour. It is ready to serve.

Note: In case no air fryer available, just deep fry the meatball in the oil until it
          turn into golden colour.

"Air Fried Vegetarian Salted Fish 炸素咸鱼“

用air fryer  “炸“出来的素咸鱼,真的很赞!!不油腻及香脆。只需短短的5分钟(200 度)就完成。

Using air fryer to fried vegetarian salted fish is highly recomended!  The finish food are crispy and totally no oil. it only took 5 minutes with 200 degree celcius to air fry it.

first version:

“Air Fried Meat Spring Roll 炸肉卷“


Same as fried wantan, it does not have a lot of bubble on the surface of the dumpling skin(popiah skin). Although it is still very crispy as the dumpling skin are very thin compare to wantan skin, but my hubby( a person who like fried food) does not satified with it. However, I'm still satisfied with it because I don't like oilly food. This way of frying suit me.

"Air Fried Wantan 炸云吞“

用air fryer 炸的云吞并不怎么满意。它没油炸般地香脆,外皮比较硬,没有油炸般的汽泡,所以不好吃。我老公说它失败。

Fried wantan using air fryer are not so satifying. It is crispy but not same as oil fried. It does not has alot air bubble like oil fried. My hubby said "rejected".

Sunday, 17 June 2012

”Fried Fish using Philip Air Fryer不油腻的煎鱼“


2。用200度煎20 分钟。

Photos shown air fried fish at different time. The fish are totally not oilly at all.

Cooking Method:
1. Pat dry the fish with kitchen paper towel, then lightly brush the both fish
2. cook with 200degree celcius for 20 minutes.

Photo updated 27/11/2012:

"Angry Bird Fondant Cake 翻糖蛋糕"

循语今年六岁。K2 幼稚圆,明年就上小学了。为了让她在幼稚圆个美好回忆,特地为她做了个蛋糕让她在学校庆祝。此翻糖蛋糕瞒花时间完成。我先在她生日前个周末做好所有的公仔待用。第一次做翻糖蛋糕,抱着玩玩的心态,打算如果做不成,就做个巧克力蛋糕当后备。想不到成果还想当满意。

Shey-Nell turning 6 years old now. She is study at K2 kindergarden and going to enter primary school next year. I'm trying to make her have a memorable birthday during her kindergarden. Therefore, I decided to make her a special cake to celebrate at school. This fondant cake spent me quite some times to complete it. I prepare the Nagry bird doll a weekend earlier before the the cake making day. This is my first time playing with fondant cake. My backup plan is to make a chocolate cake for her in case I failed. Who know the result still satifying.

翻糖材料制:(摘自于Sarah Lim翻糖蛋糕食谱)
1。 5 小匙gelatin powder
2.     1/4杯 水
3。 1/2杯 葡萄糖浆 liquid glucose
4.      2大匙 白油 shortening 
5。  1大匙  glycerine
6。 少许香精(vanila/almond/etc) optional
7。 900g 糖粉

1。将gelatin 加入水,搅均,泡水5分钟,再将它隔水煮溶。


Fondant Material: ( The recipie is from Sarah Lim 's Fondant Cakes book)
1.   5 tsp gelatin powder
2.   1/4 cup water
3.   1/2 cip liquid glucose
4.   2 tbsp shorthening
5.   1 tbsp glycerine
6.   abit liquid flavoring ( vanila/almond/etc) optional
7.   900g icing sugar

Fondant Making Method:
1.    Stir the gelatin into the water and left it to rest for 5 minutes, then stir it
       double boiling  water until it is fully disolved in the water.
2.    Mix in glucose liquid and stir it until it is disolved in the mixture.
3.    Add in shortening until it is disolved then remove the mixture from the
4.   Stir in the glycerine and flavoring( if any) and leave it to cold.
5.   Mix in half of the icing sugar into the liquid mixture and stir well.
6.   Pour the rest of the icing sugar on the table top and pour in above liquid
      mixture, then knead the miture until a dough is formed. Continue knead 
      it till the dough does not stick to the hand.
7.  Wrap the fondant dough in the wraping plastic and keep it into the
     air- tight container and ready to used.

Note:  Preferable to use the colouring powder ratehr than liquid as liquid  
            colouring tend to make the fondant more sticky and hard to knead into
           For the cake for fondant cake, recomended to choose those texture are
           more firm to avoid the cake sink. I'm using chocolate butter cake for
           this cake making.


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