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Sunday, 17 June 2012

"Angry Bird Fondant Cake 翻糖蛋糕"

循语今年六岁。K2 幼稚圆,明年就上小学了。为了让她在幼稚圆个美好回忆,特地为她做了个蛋糕让她在学校庆祝。此翻糖蛋糕瞒花时间完成。我先在她生日前个周末做好所有的公仔待用。第一次做翻糖蛋糕,抱着玩玩的心态,打算如果做不成,就做个巧克力蛋糕当后备。想不到成果还想当满意。

Shey-Nell turning 6 years old now. She is study at K2 kindergarden and going to enter primary school next year. I'm trying to make her have a memorable birthday during her kindergarden. Therefore, I decided to make her a special cake to celebrate at school. This fondant cake spent me quite some times to complete it. I prepare the Nagry bird doll a weekend earlier before the the cake making day. This is my first time playing with fondant cake. My backup plan is to make a chocolate cake for her in case I failed. Who know the result still satifying.

翻糖材料制:(摘自于Sarah Lim翻糖蛋糕食谱)
1。 5 小匙gelatin powder
2.     1/4杯 水
3。 1/2杯 葡萄糖浆 liquid glucose
4.      2大匙 白油 shortening 
5。  1大匙  glycerine
6。 少许香精(vanila/almond/etc) optional
7。 900g 糖粉

1。将gelatin 加入水,搅均,泡水5分钟,再将它隔水煮溶。


Fondant Material: ( The recipie is from Sarah Lim 's Fondant Cakes book)
1.   5 tsp gelatin powder
2.   1/4 cup water
3.   1/2 cip liquid glucose
4.   2 tbsp shorthening
5.   1 tbsp glycerine
6.   abit liquid flavoring ( vanila/almond/etc) optional
7.   900g icing sugar

Fondant Making Method:
1.    Stir the gelatin into the water and left it to rest for 5 minutes, then stir it
       double boiling  water until it is fully disolved in the water.
2.    Mix in glucose liquid and stir it until it is disolved in the mixture.
3.    Add in shortening until it is disolved then remove the mixture from the
4.   Stir in the glycerine and flavoring( if any) and leave it to cold.
5.   Mix in half of the icing sugar into the liquid mixture and stir well.
6.   Pour the rest of the icing sugar on the table top and pour in above liquid
      mixture, then knead the miture until a dough is formed. Continue knead 
      it till the dough does not stick to the hand.
7.  Wrap the fondant dough in the wraping plastic and keep it into the
     air- tight container and ready to used.

Note:  Preferable to use the colouring powder ratehr than liquid as liquid  
            colouring tend to make the fondant more sticky and hard to knead into
           For the cake for fondant cake, recomended to choose those texture are
           more firm to avoid the cake sink. I'm using chocolate butter cake for
           this cake making.

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