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Monday, 18 June 2012

"Air Fried Meatball 炸肉丸“

我很喜欢用这air fryer 煎或炸食物。只要煎炸出来的食物好吃,虽然没油炸的好吃,但是我因为很讨厌油腻的食物,也很讨厌煎炸后油腻的地上,所以我还是喜欢用它。以上的肉丸可直接吃, 或和红萝卜与马铃薯(也是用air fryer炸过) 一起焖煮,煮成焖肉

200g 碎肉
50g 碎虾

1。 将所有材料搅拌均匀,揉成~9-10粒小球。
2。 在每粒小球外层涂上薄薄的一层油,然后放入air fryer 以200度炸
         大概15 分钟或炸至小球外层变成黄金色即可。

注: 如没air fryer ,就用普通油炸至黄金色即可。
I like to use air fryer to fry any food as long as the result are good even though not as good as deep fry using oil directly. The main reason is I hate oily food and the second reason is my kitchen floor do not need to be mopped after frying those food. I'm satisfied with this fried meatball as it is not oilly. It can be eat directly or cook with carrot and potato( also fried using air fryer) to made stew meatball( my hubby called it Bak steak).

200g minced meat
50g minced prawn
salt,MSG and pepper for favoring
2tbsp bread crumb

1.  Mix all the ingredients together until even, then roll the meat batter into
     ~9-10 small ball.
2.  Lightly brush each meatball with oil and air fried them in the air fryer for
     15 minutes in 200 degree celcius or until the meatball turn into golden
      colour. It is ready to serve.

Note: In case no air fryer available, just deep fry the meatball in the oil until it
          turn into golden colour.

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