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Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Colourrful Cake Pop

Finally, I manage to steal some time to let my cake pop maker a grant opening yesterday! Just simply tried out with the Kuih Bahulu ( plain egg cake) recipes which only contain 3 AA eggs, 5 tbsp of sugar and some plain flour. This cake pop maker can serve as kuih Bahulu maker as well. It just that it only can produce ball shape kuih Bahulu!

After all the cake pop ready, just milk some chocolate to coat the cake pop and decorate with colourful sweet treat. That's all! It sound easy but it did took some time for the coating.

Finally, wrap it with some nice treat plastic and it is very convenience to store it. I just leave it on the table like this. These cake pop very suitable for children party. =)

Update 24/10/2013:

Another batch for my daughter school children day!

Friday, 11 October 2013

Pataya Fried Rice ( Nasi Pataya)

Ta dang..................Fried rice wrap with omelets....................

Cake Pop Maker

My another new toy  =)..........no time to play with it yet...=(.  Really busy with work lately, no time for hobby!

Almond Butter Cake

A butter cake texture that I love............

Kuih Gelang( Kueh Keria) Potatoes Ring

Kuih Gelang or Kueh keria, I never know it called kuih Keria until yesterday when i search about it's name. Since young, my family called it Kuih Lubang. Used to eat this kuih as breakfast during primary school. We was buying this kuih last few day at Ramadan stall. It was 10 cents each during primary school. Right now it is 5 for RM2! Hardly find those really rich with potatoes inside it. Homemade always the best!! =)

This kuih really easy to make and the ingridients is simple too!
I'm producing 9 ring from 2 small sweet potatoes.

2 sweet potatoes ( about fist size)
1 1/2 tbsp plain flour ( depend on your mashed potatoes wetness)

1. Steam the sweet potatoes cube until soft. 
2. Left it cool and smash evenly. 
3. Add in flour and fold well. Do add in extra flour if the batter too wet but stop it as long as the batter can 
    be shaped into small ball.
4. Wash hand clean and dry through. Coat hand with some cooking oil and start to shape the dough into 
     ring form.
5. Deep fry the ring until slightly golden at its surface.
6. Transfer the ring to the kitchen towel to remove excessive oil.

For Coating:
Heat 2-3 tbsp sugar until it milk and thicken( you can test it by dipping a drop of the the thickening sugar syrup on the plate) if it can form crystal, remove from heat and quickly put in the ring and coat a thin layer of sugar on it.


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