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Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Homemade Mushroom Soup 自制磨姑汤

My elder daugther favourite soup, mushroom soup. She always prefer the mushroom soup that I made compare to those can be ordered from restaurant. The process to make this soup is easy but it is costly compare to just order it at outside. The mushroom itself already cost RM8, plus you need the thickening cream/whipping cream which cost about RM6-RM7 as well even though you will not finish the entire box. The recipe able to produce 4 full bowl (picture's bowl size)of the soup with 200g mushroom.

这是我的大女儿的最爱!她时不时总会要求我煮这道汤给她喝。她不太喜欢西餐厅的磨姑汤,可能自制的味道较浓及美味吧!准备及烹饪过程很间单,只是材料蛮贵的,磨姑一盒200g大概8令吉,thickening cream/whipping cream 6-7令吉,虽然一次用不完。200g磨姑能煮4碗(满)图中的份量。

200g white botton mushroom( chopped into small size)
50g-100g thickening cream/whipping cream(personal preferance)
1 Onion( chopped)
2-3 glove of garlic( minced)
2 tbsp of plain flour
1 tbsp of butter
3-4 can's button mushroom( chopped into small cube) optional  
1 cube of chicken stock
1Liter of water

1. Boil the water with the chicken stock in a pot( 1.5L).
2. Heat pan and melts the butter. Fry the onion and garlic till soft.
3. Put in white button mushroom and cook till it is soft too.
4. Stir in plain flour till all the ingredrients miz well. 
5. Transfer the mushroom mixture into the pot and leave it boil for 10
6. Use the electrical blender oand blender to blend the mushroom until the
    soup is smooth.
7. Reheat the soup again and bring it toboil, put in the chopped can's
    button mushroom and stir in thickening cream.
8. The soup is ready to served now.

50g-100g thickening cream/whipping cream
1 粒鸡精粒

7。再将搅滑的磨姑汤煮滚,加入罐头磨姑碎及thickening cream搅拌均

Monday, 27 May 2013

Traditional Dumpling 传统肉粽





Super Rich Dumpling!

Talking about making dumpling, there is a funny story behind it. During childhood time, I always like to join my grandmom and my mom making dumpling during the dumpling festival, but of course I have no chance to do that at that time. Then, I inovatively found a way to play with it. I used our mango tree's leave to serve as the bamboo leave. While they are using glutinous rice and other ingredients, I use soil as my filling. From here, I practice and having fun playing it, at the mean time, I also get soem guidance from my grandmom and mom too. Starting secondary school, I already able to help them to make dumpling!

During that time, each time we will make about 2-3kg of dumpling and distribute them to relatives and friends and keep some for our own consumption in next 2-3 days. I was learn that we can keep the extra dumpling into the freezer and just steam it when we want to eat it. I learnt it thru my housemate during university time. Her mom always brought her a lot of dumpling each time and she will keep those in the freezer and it can last her for quite some times. Of course, she did shared some of them to us too!

As for me, I always like and look for rich ingredients dumpling. Those selling at the stall always lack of this aspect due to business reason. Therefore, only homemade dumpling able to fulfill my need, =P!

Raw dumplings before put into the pressure cooker and next photo is all 12 big dumplings inside the pressure cooker and cooking in progress. It took 15 minutes to boiling the dumpling and remove from heat. Wait until the pressure fully release only transfer the dumplings out from the pot.
包好的12 粒粽子,全放入气压锅里煮15分钟,待气压发出完后,就可将它们拿出来。

Ta dang! cooked dumplings are ready for served now. Leave over can keep in the freezer. Just defrost and steam it again when want to take it.

Traditional Fluffy Fatt Kuih 传统发糕

This cake make from "Tapai" which took 2-3 days to fermen from cold rice.

Chocolate Chip Muffin 2 巧克力粒小蛋糕2

Same recipe but differrent chocolate chip, differrent result also.

Chocolate Chip Muffin 巧克力粒小蛋糕

With very simple recipe, without using the mixer at all, just mix all ingrdient in a bowl and scoop the batter into the cup, giving very attactive result as well.


For recipe, please refer to this url.

Pandan Chiffon Cake 班兰叶戚风蛋糕

Curry Chicken Pastry Puff 咖喱鸡酥皮脆

Preparing the pastry puff very time consuming and required alot of patient. You need to fold the dough(with the pastry magerine in the center) every 15 minutes for 5-6 times in order to create its layering and crispiness. It smell very nice and taste good too!


Chocolate Fudge Cake 巧克力蛋糕

对不起,不知如何翻译chocolate Fudge , “巧克力软糖”好象不太恰当。

Sesame Butter Cake 黑芝麻牛油蛋糕

Sesame is just to make the cake colour look more attractive instead of plain butter cake colour, at the same time add in additional light sesame taste to the cake.....

250g Butter ( I like to use Golden Churn butter. Remove from fridge and
                   leave it slightly soft but not too soft)
4 AA size eggs
50g caster sugar to mix with egg white
140g caster sugar to mix with the rest of the batter
200g self rising flour
1tsp of baking powder( optional : I add it as a kia su step, in case my self
                                   rising flour rising agent not work, meaning not fresh)
60ml fresh milk
1 tbsp sesame powder.

7 x 7 square pan

1. Beat the egg white until it turn white and quickly add in 50g sugar. Beat
    until it is fluffy and stiff. Leave it aside.
2. Beat the butter until smooth and add in 140g sugar. Beat the mixture until
    it is fluffy and pale. Then put in egg yolk one by one and mix well.
3. Alternately add in flour and milk in 3 additions and mix them well but do
    not over fold it. Stop when the mixture is well mix.
4. Fold in egg white in about 3 additions and fold well.
5. Pour the mixture into 7 x 7 square baking tin which already line with the
    grease paper and brush with a layer of thin butter. This is to help the
    cake rise smoothly.
6. Gentlely make the batter surface even.
7. Bake the batter in oven with fan off for about 45 minutes or until the
    skewer come out clean.

1. You may use smaller but higher rectangular tin if you want your cake turn 
     out higher on its thickness.
2. The baking time is just for reference as it may differ from oven to oven.
3. Do cover the surface of the cake with a piece of zip paper if the cake
    surface already turn darker but the cake not yet fully cook.
4. I did try out this recipe without egg white and yolk seperation but it turn
    out not as nice as seperation.

Walnut Cookies 核桃酥

This cookies used alot of walnut in its ingredients. My father like to eat walnut very much as it is good for health. It is worth as it is self consumed even though the ingredient is costy!


Peanut Cookies 花生酥


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