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Saturday, 24 January 2015

Fried Arrowhead(Ngaku)

It took me 1 1/2 hours to complete the entire process for 2kg Ngaku.

1. Peel off all arrowhead skin.

2. Slice each thin.

3. Wash and soak in salt water for 5 minutes.

4. Rinse dry on basket.

5. Fried in high heat.

Europa Ovenmate Professional

My new kitchen toys....a giant oven.  It is 84L capacity that allow max up to 5 tray to bake at the same time.  Love its outlook as it looks quite elegant too no doubt it is really giant. Look at how it is compare to my kitchenaids artisan. 

Here is some sharing how I end up settle with this oven during oven selection.  I started my baking journey with a small oven about 30L. And it last for about 2 yrs before I give it to my MIL and upgrade it to bigger oven about 45L which is still very cheap. It is about RM300++. 2nd oven last me for quite some years until it's turning knob for timer become brittle and end up broke recently. I have to use needle nose plier to twist the timer each time I want to bake something. And my oven door no longer able to close tightly after back from door repair during warranty period.  I make up my mind to upgrade myself with a professional oven this round. 

At first, I started to look for the commercially used oven but in smallest size. I was introduced by a brand called Soner. It coz about RM2200 before negotiation. The size and capacity is about the same as this oven and it claimed that the baking results are extremely even. However, the quality of its built out look a bit cheap. It is made from Taiwan. I still hestitating whether to buy it or not but decided to give myself somemore time to search for others brand. Then, I saw another brand called Eka (Italy parts assembled in Taiwan) in the baking ingredients shop I used to go most of the time. That oven really look good on its finishing. The stainless steel look much more quality and its door feeling more solid when open/close it compare to Soner brand. Of course the price also not cheap. RM3500 before negotiation.  At that moment, deep in my thought already choose it but step back due to its price. I went to another kitchen supply shop to check for the same brand but their price even higher. Then they recommended me a brand called Unox model Anna which also cost RM3500. Before  I decided to go back to settle down with Eka brand from baking ingredients shop, I went to get some advice from a Sifu(ex-hotel chef) who currently open a baking ingredients supply shop now. He then advice me just look for brand Europa, Zanussi or Elba within price range RM1100 to 1300 is pretty enough for home based used. In case that if u plan to expand to home business, you can still buy another same model to improve productivity. 

Below is the precise learning that he shared with me. I really appreciated it and would like to share to my blog reader too.
1. We should reserved space about 1-2 inches each surrounding the oven tray during baking. In the other word, do not too greedy buy max tray size for your oven. Typically those oven(~RM1k) should able to produce even baking result if we bake it correctly. 
2. The black slightly deep tray that come with the oven is not for cookies baking. It is to collect the liquid flow out during cooking food.

After talking to him, I directly went to the electrical shop to find Euŕopa oven. They have 2 Europa model ovens, one is around 50+L capacity and another one is this 84L capacity.  I was attracted by this bigger size oven from its look first. Then I compare their power consumption. Smaller on consume 2.67kw but bigger one consume 2.4kw. I  ended up settled with this ovenmate professional. ☺. The oven come with only one set of baking tray, grill and drip tray. I purchased an additional grill so that I can bake in mutiple racks. 

I still in progress adjusting all my recipes with this new oven as all oven behave differently.  I did gain some learning from my first multi racks baking (from my first attempt failure)!

Sweet cassava 甜木薯

Sugar - amount depends on personal preference

1. Cleàn the cassava and cut it into smalle en piece.
2. Boil a pot of water just enough to cover the cassava.
3. Cook until cassava is soft, then add in sugar to adjust for prefer sweetness.
4. Cook until the liquid become thick And then removed it from heat.
5. It is ready to serve either in hot or in cold.


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