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Saturday, 25 April 2015

Variety Bread Bun

It has been so long I never bake bread! This was the bread I baked when I just bought my giant oven.=p. Can't wait to try out the new oven to see how is the baking result compare to the cheaper oven. Luckily the result still quite satisfying! The even golden color of the bread skin is very encouraging, =)!

Cupcake Batter Dispenser

This tool make the process of pouring the batter into the paper cup become very simple. The batter will not spread everywhere and the quantity of each pump is quite consistent. However, one drawback is it is only applicable to plain batter. When I used it for batter with nut and/or chocolate chip, the tool doesn't work as expected as those chip/nut is blocking the batter flow. I end up will use back the spoon to do the job.

Walnut Carrot Cake With Cream Cheese Frosting

A dense Carrot Cake with plenty of walnut and thin layer of cream cheese frosting on top of it! It smells very nice even during baking due to the coarse toast walnut. This is not a sweet cake but with a little nice chewy texture.  

The cake used 350g grated carrot and 160g coarse toast walnut not including the walnut for decoration on top of the frosting. Beside that, it is using a 250g SCS butter block. The butter, cream cheese and the walnut itself make the cost of the ingredients quite high. However, it is recommended to try it out if you are a carrot cake lover! 

Friday, 24 April 2015

Japanese Cotton Cheese Cake

If you like soft, spongy and not too cheesy cheese cake, here is the right cake you should go after...... Japanese Cotton Cheese cake! This cake only requires 250g cream cheese in order to make a 8in x 8in cake. However, it took 1 1/2 hours to steam bake. My kids do not like the dense cheese cake but they like this cotton cheese cake, especially my elder girl!

Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Fruit Sesame Butter Cake/ Chocolate Rice Sesame Butter Cake

By adding 100g of the fruits mix into the sesame butter cake, we get Fruity Sesame butter cake! =).

Due to my kids only like butter cake with chocolate rice/chips, I always need to make half of the cake with chocolate rice!

Chicken Pie

Hubby requested me to make chicken pie for few weeks already but I haven't get a chance to try it out. This is first attempt to try for the chicken pie using same pastries as curry puff. I just simple browse thru the Youtube video hubby showed me on how to make the filling as I'm lack of time that day. Quickly get an idea what is the ingredients needed for the filling and then use the same method as mushroom soup for the soup thickening. It turns out delicious!

This is the filling for the chicken pie. Need to remember to put flour first before add in water!

These few photos are my 2nd batch where I have time to decorate the pastries. =)

Raw Chicken Pie

These are first batch Chicken Pie where I just put the square pastry skin only!

Curry Puff Ver.2

Hubby found that ready pastries can found from Giant supermarket. We tried it out and its not bad compare to self made that really really time and energy consuming. Recently I always used this ready made pastries to make curry puff. I just need to cook the curry puff filling and the process become so simple without preparing the pastries.

Curry Puff Filling

Below photo is the pastries bought from a bakery ingredient shop. It is a big sheet and we have to cut it ourselves. Do not recommended this as it is very  difficult to handle it well and its taste not as good as the pastries bought from Giant supermarket.


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