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Saturday, 1 August 2015

Crispy Char Siew Pastry(aka Char Siew Bao) 脆皮叉烧酥

Finally I managed to tune the outcome to 80% of my own satisfaction after a few round of experiments. Experiments result shown that oil dough using pork oil( I produce it from raw pork oily part) produce the best Chinese pastry skin. By the way, I'm using pastry margarine instead of shortening as I was told that shortening is very unhealthy( mostly is chemical/wax). For the filling, I'm making it from scratch instead of using ready made char siew. I seasoned the raw pork meat cube for at least an hours( this round over night) so that the it taste well. My past few experiments failed on the preparing the good filling taste due to the char siew seasoning sauce. It tasted different after cook which is not under my control. The filling taste well during cooking but it become very salty after that. I believe it is due to the meat that I seasoned. It release additional taste after it cool. At the end I switch to another brand of char siew sauce and this round it doesn't alter the taste that I tuned during cooking.

Third Attempt:

Started to master the wrapping method after third trial. However, the filling still need to fine tune. New filling batch but still not able to tune well. The taste during cooking is not the same as after cook. Really make me frustrated!

Second Attempt:

Slightly improved wrapping method. Skin no longer as thick as first trial. This trial was using the same filling as first batch after I  cooked it again. However, it still tasted salty!

First Attempt:

I had numerous of experiences on pastry making but this is my first time experimenting with the Chinese pastry. The water dough look so sticky when mixing up the batter and it doesn't look like a dough at all. Then regarding the kneading method to make this pastry, I did google a lot and referring to some books to try it.  It doesn't results a satisfy outcome. My hubby said the skin is thick and filling is salty. Besides that, my skill on wrapping the skin is really terrible, I do not know how to wrap it well. Almost all center of the pastry are burst out as the pastry closing doesn't wrap well.


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