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Saturday, 25 April 2015

Variety Bread Bun

It has been so long I never bake bread! This was the bread I baked when I just bought my giant oven.=p. Can't wait to try out the new oven to see how is the baking result compare to the cheaper oven. Luckily the result still quite satisfying! The even golden color of the bread skin is very encouraging, =)!


  1. My oven also same like yours but when i bake the bread the bottom of the bread will turn dark brown easier than the top. Can i ask what temperature did u bake your bread or got somethings skill? Thx

    1. I usually use either 200C or 220C. I suspect the way you put you tray at wrong rack. If you are baking single tray, use the middle rack, which is 3rd rack from top. Do rotate the bread tray when it started to brown. If you using 2 tray, use 2nd and 4th rack. I will swap tray if I bake double tray bread.( after bread surface started to brown).
      Do not open the open when the bread still not rising to its max to avoid heat escape.

  2. Can I ask why my bread when bake the bottom will turn dark brown easily then top? My oven is same like yours. Can I ask what temperature did u bake or any skills? Thx



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