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Monday, 27 May 2013

Traditional Dumpling 传统肉粽





Super Rich Dumpling!

Talking about making dumpling, there is a funny story behind it. During childhood time, I always like to join my grandmom and my mom making dumpling during the dumpling festival, but of course I have no chance to do that at that time. Then, I inovatively found a way to play with it. I used our mango tree's leave to serve as the bamboo leave. While they are using glutinous rice and other ingredients, I use soil as my filling. From here, I practice and having fun playing it, at the mean time, I also get soem guidance from my grandmom and mom too. Starting secondary school, I already able to help them to make dumpling!

During that time, each time we will make about 2-3kg of dumpling and distribute them to relatives and friends and keep some for our own consumption in next 2-3 days. I was learn that we can keep the extra dumpling into the freezer and just steam it when we want to eat it. I learnt it thru my housemate during university time. Her mom always brought her a lot of dumpling each time and she will keep those in the freezer and it can last her for quite some times. Of course, she did shared some of them to us too!

As for me, I always like and look for rich ingredients dumpling. Those selling at the stall always lack of this aspect due to business reason. Therefore, only homemade dumpling able to fulfill my need, =P!

Raw dumplings before put into the pressure cooker and next photo is all 12 big dumplings inside the pressure cooker and cooking in progress. It took 15 minutes to boiling the dumpling and remove from heat. Wait until the pressure fully release only transfer the dumplings out from the pot.
包好的12 粒粽子,全放入气压锅里煮15分钟,待气压发出完后,就可将它们拿出来。

Ta dang! cooked dumplings are ready for served now. Leave over can keep in the freezer. Just defrost and steam it again when want to take it.

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