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Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Colourrful Cake Pop

Finally, I manage to steal some time to let my cake pop maker a grant opening yesterday! Just simply tried out with the Kuih Bahulu ( plain egg cake) recipes which only contain 3 AA eggs, 5 tbsp of sugar and some plain flour. This cake pop maker can serve as kuih Bahulu maker as well. It just that it only can produce ball shape kuih Bahulu!

After all the cake pop ready, just milk some chocolate to coat the cake pop and decorate with colourful sweet treat. That's all! It sound easy but it did took some time for the coating.

Finally, wrap it with some nice treat plastic and it is very convenience to store it. I just leave it on the table like this. These cake pop very suitable for children party. =)

Update 24/10/2013:

Another batch for my daughter school children day!

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