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Thursday, 21 June 2012

"Stew Meatball with carrot and potato (bak steak) 焖肉"


9-10 Fried MeatBall
1 carrot cut into big cube
1 potato cut into same size as carrot cube
1/4 cinnamon stick
500ml water
2 tsp of corn flour mix with some water
salt and sugar for favoring
abit dark soy sauce for coloring

Preparation Method:
1.   Fried both carrot and potato cube until slightly brown.
2.   I'm using air fryer to fried them as it only required 1 teaspoon of oil to
      slightly coat them. Air Fryer took about 10-15 minutes to air fried them
      depending on your cube size.
3.   Boil the water and put in fried carrot, potato and the cinnamon stick.
4.   Cook till both carrot and potato become soft( can check using folk), then
      add in meatball, favoring anf dark soy sauce.
5.   Continue to cook in low heat until the meatball are soften, then add in 
      corn flour liquid to make the soup thicken.
6.   Remove it from stove and it is ready to serve.

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