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Friday, 22 November 2013

Nasi Kunyit with Chicken Curry( Turmeric Glutinous Rice)

Nasi Kunyit Ingredients:

1 cup Glutinous rice
~1 tbsp turmeric powder
1 tsp of salt
2 Pandan leaves (screw pine leave)
100ml  santan ( coconut cream)
a few tbsp of water
2 asam slice (Optional - I forgot to put this but the rice still taste nice)
1 slice of banana leave enough to hold the rice in the steam pot.
3-4 slice of thin ginger


1.  Soak overnight glutinous rice, turmeric powder, salt and asam slice( if added).
2.  Rinse dry the yellow water on the turmeric rice and removed the asam slice( if added).
3.  Line the banana leave in the steam pot tray and put in the soaked rice and pandan leave and
     ginger slice. Steam it for ~20 minutes.
4.  Evenly add in the coconut cream and mix well. Continue steam it for about 5-6 minutes.
5.  Add in a few tbsp of water if the rice turn out too dry. Continue to steam until the rice cook
    through and sticky. Removed from heat and ready for serve.

Update on 24th Nov 2014:

I tried to cook Turmeric glutinous rice using WMF pressure cooker today. Exactly same ingredients as above but slightly different method.

1. Soak 1 cup of glutinous rice with 1 tbsp of turmeric powder and water and soak for about 2-5
    minutes. Then rinse dry the glutinous rice and mix well with 1 tsp of salt.
2. Pour the rice on the WMF Unperforated Insert for Pressure Cookers. Put in the a few tbsp of 
    water, Pandan leaves and ginger slice.
3. Steam the rice for 15 minutes at 2nd ring.
4. Pour in the coconut milk and stir well. Steam the rice with glass lid until the coconut milk is well
    absorb by the rice.
5. Removed the rice from the steamer and it is ready to serve.

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