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Monday, 10 December 2012

"Hazelnut Swiss Roll 榛果瑞士卷 "

今天做了个榛果瑞士卷,馅料是用芋头做的。昨天煮芋头焖肉的芋头太多,留了些芋头做这馅料。本来学人家要做彩绘瑞士卷,花了大半天做好恺兰(Kai-Lan), 跳跳虎(Rintoo)和熊猫,结果彩绘因放太久而硬化,烤出来且粘在油纸上,与蛋糕隔离,真是气死人!使我的第一次彩绘瑞士卷宣布失败。话虽如此,瑞士卷还是照样做了出来,只是少了3只美丽公仔吧了。

I make a Hazelnut swiss roll with yam filling today. The yam used for the yam with pork belly dish yesterday did not finish the entire yam. I keep some to make yam filling today. The initial objective today is to make a painting swiss roll. I spend near to 2 hours to make Kai-lan, Rintoo and Panda with colourful batter. However, I failed to produce a nice painting swiss roll at the end. I guess it is due to the painting batter are too dry as i spend too long colouring them, it end up stick on the grease paper rather than my swiss roll. Anywhere, the swiss roll still successfully baked, just without the painting only. Those painting are really nice thou, really wasted!

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