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Sunday, 9 December 2012

"Steam Pork Ribs Lotus Root Soup 蒸排骨莲藕汤"




3 片排骨 (川烫弃血水)
1 茶匙枸杞
半段莲藕 ( 切片)
1 大碗水

盛满3/4水的 大碗放进蒸锅里。把所有材料放入水中,以小火蒸大概三至四小时,调味即可。

Eat Healthy is important to me and my lovely baby as I'm still breasfeeding her. Therefore, I like to cook this yang qi and blood boosting soup. Another reason is I'm a soup lover, haha!

I used to cook soup using pot on the gas stove. When I saw most of the ready soup that we took at outside are steamed soup. The soup tasted very nice. I also try to learn to steam soup at home too. It really produce a nice soup using steam method. Another thing is we can control the flavoring at home, not like outside food contain alot of MSG which make us feel thirsty and unhealthy too! Lately I always used to steam soup when I need a small portion and I will use pressure cooker to cook soup if I need a larger portion.

The making of this soup is pretty simple. The only thing is it tooks 3-4 hours to steam it.

3 pieces of pork ribs (blanch them)
1 tsp of chinese wolfberries
half of the lotus root ( slice it)
1 big bowl of water

Fills 3/4 full of a big bowl and place it into the steaming pot. Put inall the ingredients and steam it over low heat for 3-4 hours. Add in the flavoring after that.

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