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Wednesday, 28 November 2012

"苦瓜黄豆排骨汤 Bitter Gourd Pork Rib Soup"

This is one of my favorite soup. It doesn't taste bitter at all.

Chinese celery    - 1 stalk
Bitter Gourd       - half
Soya bean( Yellow bean)    - 10-20g
Pork Rib            -100g
pepercorn          - 1 tbsp
Water                - 1 liter( this quantity is for pressure cooker)

1. Remove the center seed and white pulp of the bitter guard using a spoon. Cut the bitter gourd into
    stick shape and rub them with some salt to reduce it bitterness. Set aside.
2. Boil a small pot of water and blanch and rinse the pork rib to avoid scum on the soup surface later.
3. Rinse the celery and soya bean with the water to clean them, then drain them dry.
4. Cut the celery into about 1cm length.
5. Rinse and drain the bitter guard.
6. Then, boil the water in pot and put in the pork rib, soya bean, peppercorn and the bitter guard.
7. As I'm using pressure cooker, I only need to cook it for 8-10 minutes. You may cook about 1 1/2
    hours in lower heat is using normal pot.
8. Put in the celery only after the soup is cooked and you take it out from the stove.

芹菜   - 1 棵
苦瓜   - 半条
黄豆   - 10-20g
排骨   - 100g
胡椒粒  - 1 大匙
水          - 1 公升 ( 这是给气压锅的份量)

1。 先用汤匙弃除苦瓜中心的种子和白肉,再将它切成条状。然后撒些盐在苦瓜条里,轻轻
2。 在一个小锅里煮半锅水, 待水沸后放入排骨川烫,再过冷水,备用。
3。 芹菜和黄豆洗净,滤干,再将芹菜切成1公分长度,备用。
4。 接着,将苦瓜洗净,滤干。
5。 然后在较大的锅里煮开水,沸后放入所有材料,除了芹菜。待沸后转小火候。
6。 由于我是用气压锅,所以我只煮了10 分种就熄火了。普通锅就用小火煮大概1个小时
7。 煮好汤后才将芹菜放入锅中。

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