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Thursday, 8 November 2012

“Chocolate Rice SwissRoll 巧克力米瑞士卷”

Chocolate Rice SwissRoll 2

This Cake more spongy and doesn't taste moist as Chocolate rice swiss roll 1.

4 eggs
112.5gram sugar( ½ cup)
30ml milk
30ml oil
1 tsp vanilla extract( optional) or
2 tsp of cocoa powder
125gram self-rising flour ( 1 cup) sifted

1.      Mix both milk and oil together until well mixed and set aside.
2.      Put the eggs into the mixing bowl and start to beat with high speed.
3.      Beat egg until the volume of the mixture is increase, then change beating speed to medium and continue beat it until it is thick and creamy( stabilized). When egg mixture beaten into stanbilized stage, folding in the flour will cause less deflation.
4.      Then change the mixer to low speed and fold in flour. Fold the mixture lightly and mix well.
5.      After that, pour some flour mixture into the oil and milk mixture. Fold well. This step is to make the oil mixture lighter and easier to mix with the rest of the flour mixture.
6.      Once well folded, pour back the oil mixture into the rest of the flour mixture and fold well but do not over fold it.
7.      When ready, pour the final mixture into the baking tray which greased with the baking paper. Bake the cake in a preheat oven at 190C for 8-15 minutes.

1.      Do not over bake the cake, it will make it too dry and difficult to roll or crack during folding.
2.      Make sure the mixture is super fluffy as it make it easier to roll and tasted better too.
3.      And also make sure all air bubble are away during mixing.


Another try without the cocoa powder

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