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Wednesday, 28 November 2012

“WMF Perfect Plus Pressure Cooker 气压锅"

This pressure cooker was bought during my confinement period from Singapore thru my brother. It cost me about SGD369.The reason trigger me to buy it is because all the food took so long to cook when preparing my confinement food. Another reason is after I go back to work, I need something to help me prepare our dinner fast. This cooker did help a a lot.


The set come with  6.5L and 3.0L pot sharing single pressure cooker head. But the set did come with another glass cover. It is basically 2 pots that you can switch thru and fro as pressure cooker or normal pot. The pots are made in Germany.

Below is the complete set that I got.
1. 6.5L and 3.0L pot
2. 1 cover with removable handle
3. WMF Glass Lid for 22 cm Perfect Plus Pressure Cooker
4. WMF Pressure Cooker Trivet and Perforated Insert, 22 cm
5. WMF Unperforated Insert for Pressure Cookers, 22 cm


1。 6.5公升及 3公升的锅

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