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Wednesday, 28 November 2012

"Philip Air Fryer 气炸炉"

Bought this Fryer last year before maternity confinement in preparation to eat healthy during confinement period. But end up only used it after confinement as I dare not let my confinement aunty touch it. After she leave only I start to utilize it.
Bought it at Harvey Norman for about RM1199 with 2 years warranty and aditional RM 256 for another 3 years warranty. Being too kia su to have 5 years warranty on it. I have good experience with Harvey Norman on their warranty. Last few years, our Pioneer home theater DVD player not able to play majority of the CD, we sent it back to Harvey Norman and they did help us to sent for repair and the repair fee is under them as it is still under waranty.
Back to the topic. Generally this fryer is good for those ready food such as french fry, nutget, hash brown etc. In terms of raw food, homemade french fries, fried fish, and alot more still under experiment. Roasting nut also no problem. However, it do not give good result on wet batter, even wantan skin also I still can't get the good outcome. Need more experiments.

当初是为了在做月期间吃得健康而买下了这粒气炸炉。数数也有一年多了。结果做月期间完全没吃煎炸食物,也不敢让做月姨用它。她离开后 我才真正开始用它。

我是在Harvey Norman 用了1199令吉(2 年保证)加256令吉(3 年加保)买下。怕输的我要了5年保证,至少坏了也分文不须要出。之前曾在Harvey Norman 买Pioneer音响系统,它的DVD机坏了,拿回去叫他们修
言归正题,整体来说,这气炸炉炸现成冻食很有用。例如,薯条薯饼、nutget等。至于生的食物,好像自制薯条,煎鱼等等,我还在试验中。 烘坚果花生之类肯定没问题。但是,它不能炸湿面糊之类的食谱。就连云吞皮,我都还不曾炸出好成果,还要继续实验。

It is recomended to use spray oil to lightly coat the food before air fried it.  I made a homemade oil spray rather then buying it from supermarket. The reason is its consumption very low and those ready in supermarket is quite a big tin. You may refer to page Homemade Oil Spray 自制油喷 to try self made oil spray .

建议大家用油喷来炸食物,只要喷一喷食物表层就可。因为用得少,买现成大瓶装不实际,结果我自制了个油喷,你可参考Homemade Oil Spray 自制油喷自己试试看!

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