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Friday, 30 November 2012

"家常薄饼Homemade Popiah(Vegetable Spring Roll)"


This is the Popiah that we always have it at home. I will prepare this as our dinner once each weekly or bi-weekly. For popiah skin, I did try to make it few times but hubby complaint it is thicker than ready bought from wet market. I give up to continue trying it as the effort putting on this experiment not worth. As for the popiah cup, sometimes I will buy the ready make cup from wet market but it is very expensive. If not mistaken, it cost是 30 cents per cup. I still hunting for the best recipes for this popiah cup. Those in the picture still not my satified popiah cup. By the way, the effort to fry this cups are not less that the popish skin, that's the reason it is quite expensive. The only different is popish cup can keep in air-tight container for next round consumption but popiah skin can not. Never try to freeze the popiah skin, may be it worked, who know!!

Yambean /Jicama ( Sengkuang)  - 1 medium to large size
Carrot                                         - 1 ( size depend on preference)
Beancurd    ( taukua)                  - 1 piece ( Cut into small cube)
Garlic                                         - 5-6 cloves( chopped finely)
Shallot                                        -3-4 ( chopped finely)
Ready fried shallot crisps          - Optional
Shrimps                                      - 1/2 cup( removed shell, lightly chopped)
Minced Pork meat                      - 1/2 cup ( can replace by minced chicken meat too)
Lettuce leave                              - wash clean and drain dry
Popiah Skin                                - 100g -200g ( about 15 pieces but we never finish it)
Popiah Cup                                - ~20

Fresh Chili                                 - ~8
Garlic                                         - 4 cloves
sugar                                          - 1-2 tsp
Lime juice or Vinegar                 - 1-2 tsp
Sweet sauce( tee jiu)                  - bought the ready package from supermarket or wet market.

1.  Removed jicama and carrot skin, wash clean and drain dry. Then 
     shredded the them into thinly strips.
2. Heat the pan with 1 tbsp of oil and fried the garlic and shallot until fragrant
    and add in minced shrimps and pork meat. Removed the pan from heat
    once the meat are cooked.
3. Boil a liter of water in a suitable pot and put in all the fried ingredients to
    cook until boiled. Turn the to low heat and continue to cook unitl the
    jicama and carrot are soft. It took about 1-1.5 hours for typical pot and ~5
    minutes for pressure cooker.

Method for chili sauce:
1. Wash clean and drain dry the chili, then remove its center and seeds. Cut
    them into short strips.
2. Removed the garlic skin and cut them into smaller cube.
3. Blend both chili and garlic till fine. You may add in some 
    vinegar/lime juice when to make the process smoother.
4. Add in sugar and vinegar/lime juice and ready to serve.

沙葛    - 1粒中或大粒的
红萝卜   - 1条(大或小随个人喜好)
豆干    - 1片(切成1公分小方型)
蒜头    - 5-6片(切碎)
小葱头   - 3-4粒
现成油葱  - 随喜
虾肉    - 半杯(弃壳,切小但不碎)
碎肉    - 半杯 (可用碎鸡肉替代)
生菜    - 一两棵,洗净滤干
薄饼皮   - 大慨15片
小金杯   - ~20个

鲜红椒   - ~8条
蒜头    - 4片
糖     - 少许
酸柑汁/白醋- 1-2茶匙/1-2茶匙
甜酱    - 买现成即可


3。将鲜红椒和蒜头磨碎( 可加点酸柑汁/白醋)。
4。加入糖和 酸柑汁即可。

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