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Thursday, 8 November 2012

“Kitty 猫酥饼 Hello Kitty Cookies”

This hello kitty cookies were made for my elder girl school last day party. She prefer me to make cookies this round instead of chocolate chip cup cake. I simply search a recipe from my cook book which look ok for this hello kitty cutter and try on it. First time using this recipe and it turn out very nice. The cookies very soft even though no eggs was added. I though it will be harder as it used rice flour and corn flour. Suprisingly it turn out so soft and tasted really good.  When using this hello kitty cutter, sometimes the ribbon will fall out when I turn the cookies out from the cutter. I need to make sure the cutter really coat by the flour on the ribbon part before I stamp it on the dough.

这hello kitty 小饼是为了我大女儿幼稚园最后一天庆祝会而做的。这次她选择要带小饼,而不是平时要的巧克力粒小蛋糕杯。我随意在我买的食谱找了个看似适合这类印模的饼干食谱试试,没想到成品很好吃,又好看可爱,真是不废之劳。这食谱没用鸡蛋,但却很松脆爽口,值得一试!我起初以为它会较硬,因为它用了粘米粉和黍粉。谁知出来的成品却刚好相反。用这hello kitty 印模时,它的缎带也有几次断掉。我每次都要确定它沾上少许面粉,才能印在面团上。


250g butter
90g icing sugar
180g all purpose flour( i used superfine flour instead)
100g rice flour
30g corn starch
100g ground almond

1. Beat the butter with the icing sugar until using high speed it turn pale
    yellow and smooth.
2. Fold in the rest of the ingredients until well mixed using stir speed. The
    dough are very soft.
3. Transfer the dough to the flat surface and roll it out about 2mm thick.
4. Then stamp the cutter and make sure it come out with
    the perfect shape as desired. Line them on the greased tray.
5. Pump the kitty eyes with the decorating pen filled with the chocolate or 
    nutalle to make to kitty look more attractive.
5. Bake in the preheat oven for 20-25 mins or turn slightly golden at 150
    degree celcius.
6. Leave it cool and keep in the air-tight container.

The challenge part on this cookies is the stamp out the flawless hello kitty.
1. Prepare a bowl with 2-3 tbsp of flour. Remember to dip the cutter
    especially the face part on the flour each time before used. Do shake out
    the excessive flour before stamp it to the  dough.
2. Use a large solid plastic bag to cover your flat surface before roll the
    dough. Then use a wrapping cling to cover the dough and roll on to of it.
    This give 2 steps give you 2 benefits. It help to reduce cleaning time on the
    table surface and also the roller. Another benefit is with the wrapping cling
    on top of the dough, it make your rolled surface smoother compare to
    without it and the dough do not stick on the roller.
3. Use the plastic knife to transfer the cut kitty to the baking tray.
4. You can replace ground almond with other ground nut,depend on your 

Same recipe with different idea....=) ...
Picture not sharp, my camera broken, using lower pixel phone camera, no choice!

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